By having the most complete oral health possible, you can improve not only your teeth and smile but also reduce risk for many diseases such as heart disease, cancer and stroke.

One Patient at a Time at Our downtown Minneapolis Dentist Office

Many dentist’s offices treat patients like a number. Dr. Clavin believes each person should be treated like like a close friend and family member. Our office does not overbook, preventing long wait times. Dr. Clavin see very few patients at any given time, helping to ensure the best care as well as showing our respect for your time. When you come to the Sedation and General Dentistry Center of Minnesota you will feel more like you are stepping into our home then into a dentist’s office.

Saving your Natural Teeth

Many dentists will try to extract or remove problems as soon as possible. Dr. Clavin believes that through thorough education and state of the art techniques more people can keep their teeth than ever before. Keeping your natural smile and improving it is our priority at Dr. Clavin’s Sedation and General Dentistry of Minnesota.