Sedation Dentistry


Our team at Dr. Tim Clavin’s Sedation and General Dentistry of Minnesota offer an innovative, safe and comforatble alternative to many visits to the dentist. Sedation dentistry is using one of a variety of sedation methods to lower a patient’s consciousness so that they are unaware of the procedures and can experience a painless dental experience. Sedation dentistry also prevents the need to go to multiple locations.

Are You a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

As a rule Dr. Clavin and our experienced, friendly dental team listen closely to our patient’s needs, fear and hopes for a better, healthier and brighter smiles. Because of that our dental team offers sedation to alleviate many of our patients fears and anxieties about dentistry. Most people are candidates for sedation dentistry, but Dr. Tim Clavin and our friendly experienced team at Sedation and General Dentistry of Minnesota will listen closely to your needs performing a health screening to make sure you are eligible for sedation in Minneapolis. People that are afraid of the dentist or need a lot of dental work done at once are perfect candidates. Sedation Dentistry is also a great option for patients that do not want or have the time to make several office visits.